We turn your ideas into high quality products

Research and development

3D design, 3D modeling, construction and CNC mechanical processing are only some of the technologies our team is constantly researching and developing. We are also exploring and developing technologies in the field of casting aluminium and magnesium alloys.

Industrial design

We design and model complex concepts of assemblies and products for different areas and purposes of use. Our team creates 3D templates within technological possibilities based on your wishes. We provide you with sketches and renders which can be useful for testing and marketing purposes in the inital stage of design.


Great tools are a must for high quality castings. We can provide you with construction and production of tools for plastics, aluminium mould-casting, low pressure aluminium casting and high pressure aluminium casting.

Custom CNC machining

Our 5-axis CNC machine allows us to produce complex mechanical components of various metal (aluminium, steel, ...) and plastic materials based on existing samples or 3D drawings. We also offer surface finishing of final products.

Automation of manufacturing processes

Production lines, dedicated devices, manipulators, robot cells, control, information systems.

Quality control

Because the accuracy and quality are extremely important, our quality control department verifies manufactured parts in a modernly equipped measuring laboratory. That way we can guarantee to meet or even exceed your requirements.

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